Recent work:

/experiential /stunt /integrated





/TVC /concept /integrated 




/branding /concept /launch /integrated 




Pokémon GO – It’s your turn

/film /digital /activation/ the password is my name 




UNICEF – Be the good news


/TVC /integrated



Pokémon GO – Spain


/DIY stunt /digital /social media




/packaging design /integrated

Idea bank:

These are the projects that my heart has not allowed me to delete… yet.

Swisscom WayBack Plan

/stunt /f•ck social media

Curaprox SWUSH

/redesign /OOH /typography


Packaging/ Brand activation

BitBurger Sober Ballot

Brand activation







   Publication design

 Book of failures

   Manifesto design


Visual play/ Personal dumpster