Swisscom – Ready Together

/TVC /integrated

Swisscom has been connecting people in Switzerland for over 170 years. And when the world is changing rapidly and constantly making new demands on us the bonds that keep us together are more important than ever. So, our team’s challenge was to prove that we’re Gemeinsam bereit (Ready together) to four different target audiences, with four different directors and a fully emotional approach to bring out our biggest superpower – communication.

Be it through a text, a phone-call or just a simple emoji, we’re all here for each other and Ready, together.  

From concept to pitch:

Our team had the chance and challenge to jump in for one of the biggest projects from Swisscom in the last years. We were given two days until the shoulder view and a few days on top to develop the concept based on the client’s feedback.

What was important for me was starting with a visual solution that speaks to all of our target audiences while highlighting the core of our emotional campaign – when we support each other, we can all be Ready together. 



ECD/ Marcin Baba
ECD/ Micha Seger

AD/ Ioana Mar
CW/ Paris Nikiforakis
Sr. CW/ Günter Zumbach
Sr. CW/ Peter Liptak
AD/ Nadja Tandler